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Limitations to Potential Representation

Our attorneys do not practice in every area of law and are not guaranteeing representation.  A full consultation regarding a client’s particular legal issues offers the client the opportunity to assess the attorney, agree with the attorney’s approach to the issue at hand, and whether they truly want the attorney to represent them.  Likewise, a consultation provides the attorney the opportunity to understand the issues involved to determine whether such issues fall within the ambit of his/her practice.  It is important to remember that a consultation does not guarantee representation, but does provide a basis for both parties to make an educated decision of how to proceed should they both feel comfortable with each other and with to enter into a formal fee agreement for legal services.

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Cancellation Policy

Our goal is for you to be satisfied with the services that we provide.  At the same time, our attorneys set aside time for you to meet with them, and they are prepared to speak with you about your specific situation.  Unless prior notice to cancel or reschedule is given to our firm 48 hours beforehand, you will still be charged for the attorney’s time if you do not appear to any scheduled consultation or meeting.


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